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About Us

We are a team of professional flight nannies and animal lovers. We provide worldwide pet transport by flying in cabin with your pet and provide constant love and care throughout the duration of the delivery. We hand deliver with white-glove service from airport to airport. Here at QT Pet Transport, we treat your pet like our very own and nothing is more important than getting them home.

How It Works

As a full disclaimer, we do travel standby. This is how we keep your cost down. This means there is a possibility that we MAY need to change the flight itinerary or airport at any point during the delivery based upon the number of seats available on the plane. This does not occur often and is not something to be overly concerned about being that we do hold a very high success rate for same day deliveries.
Typically you give us two dates that work for both client/breeder and the airports you want us to pick up and deliver to. (we mostly service major airports). We will send the details to our awesome team of flight nannies and get someone scheduled for your delivery.
It could take less than 1 day and up to 5 days for your delivery request to be processed and scheduled. Once we have received flight info for you we will message the booking party the flight information.
Once the flight itinerary has been confirmed with all parties, whoever will be making the payment will secure the delivery date with a NON REFUNDABLE deposit by clicking “Book now” at the top of this website.
Your scheduled pet nanny will reach out to both parties via group text 2-3 days prior to your scheduled delivery with more detailed information including meet-up times and locations.
All parties will be updated about any changes and/or flight cancellations throughout the delivery in the group text. All conversations with the flight nanny concerning the pet delivery should be discussed in the group text ONLY.
Click “Get Quote” below to receive a quote and to get your pet delivery scheduled.


Pet must be able to fit in a 18” x 12” x 12” carrier and must weigh no more than 20 lbs. 20 lbs is the maximum weight.

If pet is larger than the maximum weight acceptable and was not pre-approved prior to the start of the transport, the pet may be denied transporting or additional fees for overweight pet will apply and need to be paid before the pet is released. NO Refund will be issued if the pet is denied transport due to being overweight.

Pets must be at least 8 weeks of age to fly domestically. They must be in good health and fit to fly. If there are any special circumstances, complications, and/or allergies the pet has, this MUST be disclosed BEFORE booking.

Once flight information has been confirmed a NON-REFUNDABLE deposit is required to be paid at the time of booking the transport. We accept payments through PayPal or debit/credit. The remaining balance must be paid in *Cash Only* and given directly to the flight nanny upon delivery.

All parties involved in the pet transport will need to have access to a cell phone with text messaging capabilities in order to communicate throughout the transport with Pet nanny.

The Process

Flight Nanny (Pet Nanny) will pickup pet from Shipper at the closest major airport and place pet in a soft-sided carrier that we will provide. *If you would like to provide a carrier for your client let us know.
Pet will travel in-cabin with the Flight Nanny (Lap Nanny) on the airplane, and will not leave their side until the destination is reached and pet is united with the owner.
Once your flight nanny has landed at the delivery destination all parties will be notified. The pet will be hand-delivered to the owner at the discussed meet up location.
A delivery photo will be sent once the delivery has been made. This photo is confirmation that the delivery has been completed. We will use this photo on our social media platforms and ask that if you use this photo that you please tag us @qt_pet_transport on Instagram and @flightnannyjamal on Facebook.
Once the delivery is complete PLEASE take the time to leave us a review on google (QT Pet Transport) and/or our Facebook business page. They are a great help to us and your peers in the pet community.

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