Dog Transportation Services

Welcome to Flight Nanny QT Pet Transfer – a provider of the best dog transportation services in the U.S. Here, we understand your furry pooch holds a special place in your heart. They’re not just pets; they’re treasured family members, each with their own distinct personalities and requirements. This understanding has driven us to customize our services meticulously, aiming to address every facet of your dog’s travel adventure. Our goal is to guarantee a journey for your dog that’s secure, cozy, and filled with joy.


Dog Transportation Services

Dedicated Flight Nanny For Dog Transportation

At Flight Nanny QT Pet Transfer, we recognize traveling with your canine companion can be challenging. To ease your worries and make the journey as stress-free as possible, we offer specialized services, including “lap nannies,” who will travel alongside your canine sidekicks in flight cabins. Our dedicated caregivers provide constant love and affection along the ride, ensuring your dog never feels alone throughout the journey.


A Tailored Travel Experience For Every Dog

At Flight Nanny QT Pet Transfer, we understand every dog is unique and pride ourselves on accommodating their needs. No matter your dog’s breed or size, we have airline-approved carriers of all sizes that prioritize your beloved pooch’s comfort. At Flight Nanny, we specialize in caring for different dog breeds during the flight, even in unusual circumstances, providing them with the best possible care and companionship while away from their owner.


More Than Just Transportation

Our commitment goes beyond transportation logistics. We strive to make your dog feel happy and satisfied throughout their journey. We offer worldwide transport solutions, making traveling anywhere with dogs effortless for you. Contact us today to book our best dog transportation services and learn more.


Top Choice For The Best Dog Transportation Services

At QT Pet Transfer, we don’t just provide the best dog transportation services; we deliver peace of mind and a commitment to treating your beloved dog as our own. Here’s why you should choose us:

Experienced And Passionate Pet Lovers: Our team comprises over 70 dedicated professional flight nannies stationed across the United States. We’re not just experts in pet transport but passionate pet lovers who understand the importance of ensuring your furry family member travels safely and comfortably.

Motivated By Compassion And Kindness: Our journey began in 2016, inspired by a simple act of kindness towards a dear friend. Recognizing the need for friendly, reliable, and professional pet transportation services in the U.S., we created a network of fellow pet enthusiasts who share our unwavering dedication and provide exceptional pet care during travel.

Unwavering Trust: Your pets are more than animals to us; they are cherished family members entrusted to our care. We understand that being away from your beloved pet can be a source of great concern for many. That is why we prioritize smooth communication and professional pet transportation services as our core values. We keep you informed through group texts about the status of your dog throughout the journey until they are reunited with you.

Credibility And Recognition: We are USDA-licensed pet transporters and have been voted the #1 Flight Service for Pets on Google. Not only that, we have over 200+ 5-star Google reviews and an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, making us one of the best dog transportation services in the U.S.


Our Comprehensive Pet Transportation Services

In-Cabin Comfort: You get the best dog transportation services available when you choose us. Your pet will travel in the flight cabin with us, accompanied by one of our dedicated pet nannies, because they deserve the best treatment. We provide airline-approved pet travel carriers and engage your dog with toys and treats to make the journey as comfortable as possible.

Seamless Pick-Up And Delivery: We offer same-day pick-up and convenient delivery from airport to airport to ensure a seamless experience for you and your pet. We also provide curbside pickup and delivery facilities to eliminate the hassle of expensive airport parking.

Personalized Care: Our pet nannies go above and beyond, pampering your beloved furry friend throughout the journey. This includes offering food, water, potty breaks, and plenty of love. We provide regular updates via group text messages to keep you informed and reassured about your pet’s status.


Preparing Your Dog For Travel

When you contact us for the best dog transportation service, we request you prepare the following before our professionals arrive to pick up your beloved canine on the day of departure:
Document Preparation: Ensure all necessary documents are ready, including breed records, recent vaccinations, and any other documents required for travel.

Pet Grooming: Give your pet a proper bath before traveling. It keeps them comfortable and shows love and consideration for your pet and our team.

Suitable Carrier: If you prefer to provide a carrier for your pet, please check with us to ensure it meets airline policies. Otherwise, we can provide you with a suitable carrier option.

Comfort And Familiarity: Supply enough food and water for your fluffy during transit, and consider including their favorite toys. Being surrounded by familiar items can be especially helpful in reducing their travel anxiety.


Choose Flight Nanny For Best Dog Transportation Services!

Once your cherished pet has safely reached their destination, we ensure they’re in good health and top shape, as your pet’s safety and happiness remain our top priorities. Once you are reunited with your furry sidekick, we request you kindly share your feedback with us, helping future pet parents choose the best dog transportation services in the U.S.

Experience the difference with Flight Nanny QT Pet Transfer – one of the best dog transportation services in the U.S. Your pets are our passion, and we’re here to make their travel experience extraordinary.