Professional Pet Transportation Services

Welcome To Flight Nanny QT Pet Transfer – your Trusted Partner For Professional Pet Transportation Services In The U.S.

Who We Are?

At QT Pet Transfer, we’re not just pet transport experts but passionate pet lovers who understand the importance of ensuring your furry family member travels safely and comfortably. With over 70 dedicated professional flight nannies stationed across the United States, we’re here to be your trusted companion for professional pet transportation services.

professional pet transportation services

Motivation For Professional Pet Transport Services

Our journey at Flight Nanny QT Pet Transfer began with an understanding of the special bond between pets and their owners. We realize our pets are more than just animals; they’re beloved family members, a constant source of joy, and a comforting presence during life’s challenges. It’s this deep connection that fueled our desire to step into the world of professional pet transportation services.

Our story began in 2016 when we did a favor for a dear friend. In that simple act of kindness, we discovered a glaring need for friendly, reliable, and professional pet transportation services in America. So, we decided to forge a network of fellow pet enthusiasts who shared our unwavering dedication to ensuring pets receive exceptional care throughout their journeys. Our network started growing as we began to earn the trust of reputable breeders in the U.S.

At Flight Nanny QT Pet Transport, we understand the importance of trust because, in our eyes, we aren’t simply transporting animals; we are entrusted with the safe passage of cherished family members. This reliability and compassionate understanding have brought us to where we stand today.

The decision to have your pet travel alone can be a tough one. That is why we prioritize smooth communication and professional pet transportation services as our core values.

As our family of fellow pet enthusiasts continues to expand, so does our dedication to delivering the best quality pet transportation service. With a passionate group of pet lovers, our mission is to guarantee the safety and well-being of your cherished furry companions during air travel.


What Makes Us Stand Out?

1. USDA Licensed:
We hold a USDA license, which showcases our commitment to professionalism and pet safety.

2. #1 Flight Service On Google For Pets:
We are voted as the top provider of professional pet transportation services across the U.S. by our satisfied customers.

3. 200+ 5-Star Google Reviews:
We have received more than two hundred 5-star ratings on Google Reviews from pet owners who have shared their experiences.

4. A+ Rating With The Better Business Bureau:
Our A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau serves as a badge of reliability, ensuring our clients that they receive the best professional quality pet transportation services with us.


What We Do?

Whether you’re making a new addition to your family of fur babies, bringing home that irresistibly cute puppy or kitten, or making a big move with your beloved canine or feline companion, QT Pet Transfer is your trusted partner for smooth and stress-free professional pet transportation services.

We also act as the bridge connecting responsible breeders, dedicated shippers, and new pet owners. All with the aim of making the transition for your furry friend as simple as a walk in the park.

Our flight nannies for pets aren’t just professionals; they’re dedicated pet lovers who go above and beyond to provide your fur baby with all the care and comfort they need during their journey. Your pet will travel in-cabin, accompanied by one of our pet nannies, because they deserve nothing but the best.

We provide airline-approved pet travel carriers, same-day pick-up and delivery from airport to airport, and easy curbside pickup and delivery to eliminate the hassle of expensive airport parking. Our pet nanny will pamper your beloved furry friend throughout the journey with food, water, potty breaks, and plenty of love. Regular updates via group text messages will keep you informed and reassured about your pet’s status throughout the journey.


What To Expect On Delivery Day?

When the much-anticipated delivery day arrives, our dedicated flight nanny (or pet nanny, as we affectionately call them) will personally collect your beloved pet from the shipper at the closest major airport. Your furry friend will then be cozily settled into a soft-sided carrier we thoughtfully provided. Of course, if you have a carrier that you’d prefer to use, just give us a heads-up, and we’ll gladly accommodate your choice.

Your pet will travel in-cabin with their flight nanny, never leaving their side until they reach their destination. We maintain constant communication through group text messages and send picture updates to inform everyone of the furry travel companion’s well-being.

After we touch down at the delivery destination, we’ll promptly reach out to everyone involved. Your precious pet will then be personally handed over to you or the eagerly awaiting new pet parent at the previously arranged meeting spot. Moreover, we’ll also send you a heartwarming delivery photo as a delightful confirmation of a successful journey’s end.


Preparing Your Pet For Our Professional Pet Transportation Services

Before our professionals arrive to pick up your pet, there are a few important things you should take care of:

1. Documents:
Ensure you have all necessary documents ready, including breed records, recent vaccinations, and any required domestic travel papers. Preparing your pet’s documents in advance is key to a smooth journey.

2. Wash:
Give your pet a proper bath before traveling. It keeps them comfortable and shows love for your pet and consideration for our team.

3. Suitable Carrier:
If you wish to provide a carrier for your pet, kindly check with us to ensure it fits the airline’s policies. In case your carrier does not meet the requirements, we can always provide you with a suitable carrier option.

4. Food, Water, And Toys:
Supply enough food and water for your pet during transit, and consider including their favorite toys. Familiar items can help ease their travel anxiety.


What To Do After Delivery?

Once your cherished pet has safely reached their destination, pause for a moment to ensure they’re in top shape and in good health. Your pet’s safety and happiness remain our top priorities. Moreover, we request you share your valuable feedback with us if you feel satisfied with our service and leave a review.
Your input plays a pivotal role in guiding future pet parents helping them choose reliable professional pet transportation services in the U.S.