Pet Transport Service USA

Whenever you need to move your furry friends long distances, our pet transport service in USA is here to help!

If you’re unsure how we do this, here’s a guide to our entire procedure.

Pet Transport Service In USA

Preparation For Pet Transport Service USA

Some procedures need to be followed before starting this journey.

Prepare the proper documentation

There are some important papers that you need to present to us, before we can start with your pet transport service in USA. Basically, some papers that will declare your pet to be safe for flying. Here’s what you’ll need –

● A paper from a vet (called a certificate of veterinary inspection, or CVI) saying your pet is okay to travel within ten days before your trip

● A paper showing your pet had a rabies shot (valid only if issued within 30 days of your trip, or within a year for foreign travel)

If you’re going to another country, you’ll need some more papers –

● Papers for other vaccinations

● A place for your pet to stay (called a quarantine kennel reservation)

● Special permission to bring your pet into the country (called an import permit)

Depending on the country you’re going to, additional papers might be required. But don’t worry! Our pet transport service in USA will help you get the right papers.

Let us remind you that some of these papers take quite a few days to process, so we won’t recommend you wait too long. If you talk to the Flight Nanny team early, we can assist you in getting everything ready. Depending on where you’re going, we’ll need one to six weeks to set up a safe trip for your pet.

Prepare the crate your fur baby will travel in

When using our pet transport service in the USA, we might offer to use our crates to keep your pet safe during the trip. But if you want to use your own crate or if our team asks you to bring one for your pet, here’s what you need to make sure of –

● The crate is big enough for your pet to sit, stand, and lie down comfortably

● It has a solid floor in case your pet pees while travelling

● The top of the crate has enough holes for good air

● The crate’s door is at least 14% of the total wall space

● The slats (the openings) are small enough so your pet can’t escape

● The door closes tightly and securely

● The crate needs to meet the airline’s rules

● There should be an arrow showing which way is up

● Put a sign on it saying there’s an animal inside and include your address

● It’s good to have handles and grips on the outside for easy carrying

Avoid using tranquilizers

The International Pet and Animal Transportation Association (IPATA) strongly advises against giving your pet tranquilizers and sedation before traveling. It has serious side effects.

Pet Transport Service USA For Crossing Across State Borders

Even if there are lots of reasons to advocate against animals being transported on a flight, it is rather the better choice when they need to cross borders. One of the reasons why flying is uncomfortable and stressful for pets is the entire procedure of loading and unloading.

Flights can be a little heavy on the pocket, flying still is considered quite safe for your fur babies as a whole. The only thing you need to do is find a way to reduce your pet’s anxiety. So, you need to do some research and figure out some necessary solutions before the journey starts.

A pet can arrive in their new home the same day they leave if we fly them between states. So, the stress is not for a long time.

To fly your pet, you have a few options –

● You can bring your pet with you on the plane
● You can hire a company that specializes in shipping pets to make sure your pet has a safe trip
● Your pet can travel in the cargo area of the plane
● You can use a ground carrier specifically made for pets to ship them

How Does Flight Nanny Transport Your Pets?

We need to take a few steps to ship your pet to another state.

First, we pick up your pet and bring them to the airport. Make sure all travel arrangements are in order before that happens.

At the airport, we will make sure your pet is safe and securely boarded on the plane. When we reach the destination, you can pick up your furballs from there. If you can’t pick them up immediately, there’s nothing to worry at all. We can provide a kennel until you arrive there and take them to their new home.

Can You Travel Without Your Furry Friends?

Of course, you can. You can leave everything to us. We will take good care of your fur balls.

Welcome To Flight Nanny QT Pet Transport!

We care for your four-legged friends and help them travel across borders safely to our pet transport service in the USA. Your pet’s journey will be managed with the highest level of care and attention, providing you with reassurance.

We will handle everything—just allow us to spend some time with your pets. Contact us today to discuss all the details!