pet transportation company scams

Flight Nanny and Pet Transportation Company Scams

Avoiding pet shipper scams is crucial when considering the relocation of your furry friend. Here are some tips to help you steer clear of scams when looking for pet moving services, including flight nanny services, using the provided keywords:

  1. Research the Company:
    • Before hiring a pet moving service or flight nanny, research the company thoroughly.
    • Check for reviews, ratings, and testimonials from previous customers.
    • Look for any complaints or negative feedback online.
  2. Verify Credentials:
    • Ensure the pet moving company or flight nanny has proper licenses and certifications for pet transportation.
    • Check if they are a member of reputable organizations related to pet shipping.
  3. Get Recommendations:
    • Ask for recommendations from friends, family, or your veterinarian for reliable pet movers or flight nanny services.
    • If someone you trust has had a positive experience with a pet relocation service, it’s a good sign.
  4. Request Detailed Information:
    • Ask for a detailed breakdown of all costs and services included in the pet relocation or flight nanny package.
    • Be wary of any company that provides vague or unclear information.
  5. Avoid Unbelievably Low Prices:
    • If a pet moving service or flight nanny offers significantly lower prices than others, be cautious.
    • Scammers often lure customers with unrealistically low quotes to take advantage later.
  6. Speak to the Pet Movers or Flight Nanny:
    • Have a direct conversation with the pet movers or flight nanny to gauge their professionalism and knowledge.
    • Ask specific questions about the transportation process and how they handle pets’ well-being.
  7. Visit the Facilities:
    • If possible, visit the pet moving company’s facilities or meet the flight nanny in person to see how they operate and treat the animals.
    • A legitimate company should be open to showing you their facilities.
  8. Request Proof of Insurance:
    • Ensure the pet moving service or flight nanny has insurance that covers any potential accidents or mishaps during transportation.
    • Request proof of insurance coverage before finalizing the deal.
  9. Avoid Cash Payments:
    • Be cautious of companies or flight nannies that demand cash payments upfront.
    • Use secure payment methods that provide a record of the transaction.
  10. Trust Your Instincts:
    • If something feels off or too good to be true, trust your instincts and consider other options for pet moving services or flight nanny assistance.
    • Always choose a pet moving service or flight nanny that you feel comfortable and confident in for your pet’s safe travel.