Pet Flight Nanny

How To Ship A Pet Using A Flight Nanny Service

There are few things as scary for pet parents as having to ship their beloved pets on their own. There are countless tragic stories of pets losing their lives due to improper handling while they are below in the plane’s storage area. You no longer have to risk your pet’s safety, thanks to the services a flight nanny provides. If you need to transport your pet and don’t want them stored in possible unsafe conditions, read more on how to ship a pet using flight nanny services. 

What Is A Flight Nanny?

A flight nanny is a trained carer who travels alongside your pet in the airline’s cabin while stowing them safely beside them in an approved airline travel carrier. Flight nannies ensure your pet is well taken care of, so you can have peace of mind that they are happy and will arrive safely.

How To Ship Your Pet Using A Flight Nanny Service

To begin using a flight nanny service, you must submit a request for travel and pay any required deposits. Once this deposit is made, the flight nanny is scheduled, which can take up to five days. Upon itinerary confirmation, you’ll make your final payment, and everything is set.

Around two days before the scheduled flight, your nanny will reach out to you to confirm and go over all the details. Your flight nanny will provide a soft-sided airline-approved pet transport travel carrier, but it can be arranged if you’d like to use your own. When the day for travel arrives, you should ensure your fluff baby is ready to travel by using the following travel packing list:

  • Bath your pet o ensure they are clean and free from dirt and odor
  • Ensure they don’t eat for two to three hours prior to pickup
  • Let them use the bathroom right before pickup
  • Provide a blanket or familiar toy with your scent on it to help them relax
  • Include a small bag of dry food
  • Pack their leash with them
  • Include their health certificate

Your flight nanny will escort your pet the entire way, so you never have to worry that they’ll be left alone. On arrival at their destination, you will receive a notification that your pet has landed so you can meet them at the airport for pickup.

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