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What Is a Pet Transport Service and Why Should You Use One?

A pet transport service connects pet owners and breeders to reliable pet transporters. We live in a world where pets aren’t something you leave waiting at home for you to return when you take a trip. Our pets take on many roles these days. They’re emotional support animals and members of our own families. They deserve the same kind of care and attention that our children deserve, especially when traveling. Just like you wouldn’t leave your children unattended, you also want your pet to receive personal attention and supervision no matter where they go, and that includes flying on an airplane.

That’s where pet flight nannies come into the picture. Too many airlines require you to put your pet in a baggage compartment where they can feel stressed, scared and alone. Pet nannies can ensure that this doesn’t happen by caring for your dog or cat the entire way. Learn about pet transport service, what it is, how it works and why you should consider using one the next time you need to transport a beloved pet.

Are You Flying Your Pet?

The most common reason people need to fly a pet from one state to another is when they’re bringing home a new furry family member. Finding a breeder for that specific special pet you want in your home state can sometimes be difficult. When you find the ideal dog or cat from out of state, transporting them home can be a logistical issue. Do you drive them for many hours or even days, which can cause undue stress on the pet? Also, if you have to stop somewhere overnight on the way home, it can present a problem if there aren’t pet-friendly hotels en route.

Other reasons why people transport pets include business trips, moving across the country and many others. Moving your beloved pet to a new location can present the same logistical concerns as buying from an out-of-state breeder. It’s essential that you find the right pet transport service to take your pet from one airport to the other.

If you need to get your new pet to its new home, you don’t have to worry about how you can make it happen. Working with a pet flight nanny is the ideal solution to making sure your pet gets where it needs to go and is kept happy, safe and cared for the entire way. Pet nannies pick up your pet and bring it to you from one airport to the next. Not only does this help ensure that your pet arrives safely, but it also gives you peace of mind.

Avoid the Luggage Compartment

Far too many airlines will have you place your pet in the luggage compartment, where they might be all alone, stressed and frightened as they shake under the noise of the plane, separated from their beloved owner. A pet flight nanny service removes that concern from the picture altogether. Your pet will fly in comfort in the cabin with a highly trained pet flight nanny who is an animal lover and is uniquely qualified to make sure that your furry best friend reaches its destination safe and happy.

In fact, your pet won’t ever leave the side of its flight nanny from the moment it’s picked up until the time it’s delivered back into your arms. They’ll be treated like royalty the whole way, kept happy and content in comfortable, soft-sided animal carriers (or you can provide your own carrier, in some cases). It’s the best way to transport your pets, as it gets them where they need to go quickly and with the least amount of stress on your animal.

How Do These Services Work?

The best thing about working with a pet flight nanny service is that it’s so easy and stress-free for both you and your pet. First, you arrange with the shipper and the nanny service to pick up your pet, usually at the closest major airport to the pet’s point of origin (whether it’s a breeder, your house or wherever). The pet will then travel alongside the pet nanny the entire way, never leaving their side. They’ll be cared for the whole way and kept happy and comfortable.

When the flight arrives at its final destination, everyone will be notified so that arrangements can be made to immediately deliver the pet to a prearranged pickup location. You will then head to the destination and meet your new pet and its nanny. The pet will be delivered right into your hands, so it’s never without supervision from an actual person. You’ll even get a photo to memorialize the occasion when you first met your new friend!

What Else Do I Need to Know?

Each air nanny service will have its own requirements, so it’s probably best to contact a shipper like QT Pet Transport to find out what you need to know. You may, for example, need to provide multiple dates to work with the nanny service’s schedule. Not all transports are possible within a given time frame, and your pet may need to fit within certain size restrictions. This can be a factor of the airline as much as the transport service.

Pets often have to be at least 8 weeks old before they can legally be domestically flown, and they’ll need to be in good overall health. You will need to work with the nanny service before booking if you need any special considerations. You should also have a cell phone because text messaging forms an important part of the communication process with a flight pet nanny.

Is It Costly?

It can be costly to use a flight nanny service, but it really depends on how long the flight will be, how quickly you need to have the new pet delivered and a range of other factors. You should contact your nanny service to find out exactly what the costs will be. They may have options that allow you to keep costs down overall, whether it involves flexible itineraries or standby dates.

Because of the way airline flights work these days, flexibility can be of vital importance. Your delivery request might be scheduled within a day, or it could take almost a week to happen. Be patient and work with the nanny service. In the end, the goal is to keep things as efficient and stress-free as possible all around. The sole mission of a pet nanny service is to ensure that your new pet reaches its home happy and healthy.

About QT Pet Transport Flight Nannies

QT Pet Transport flight nannies are a team of experienced professionals who know how to care for animals and can provide safe and secure transport worldwide. We mostly work with major airports, and when you book transport with us, your pet will have constant attention, love and care throughout the entire duration. You’ll get direct delivery with full white-glove service from the airport of origin to the destination point, where your new favorite furry family member will be delivered directly to you. We’ll treat your pet like our own and get them home safe and sound. For more information, get in touch with us today or !